Graff Dakota 130 Boots Brown EU 40 Man

Graff Dakota 130 Boots Brown EU 40 Man
Brand: Graff
Color: Brown
Size: EU 40
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GRAFF DAKOTA shoes, which got their name from one of the most forested areas of North America. Dakota is also one of the most diverse terrains challenged by extreme hikers from around the world. In the construction of DAKOTA trekking shoes, we used an energy absorption system that provides full protection of the foot with particular emphasis on the heel and Achilles tendon.BRATEX membrane ensuring waterproofness, maximum breathability and transport of moisture to the outside,- durable sole, shock absorbing and characterized by good adhesion to the ground,- reinforced and waterproof shoe tips,- profiled foam insert,- reinforced tongue to prevent dirt and stones from getting inside.- The sole of DAKOTA shoes is made of a durable and flexible protector and a shock-absorbing EVA layer (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). It has waterproof properties with insulation of the bottom from the cold and non-slip. An important advantage of the sole is the fact that it allows for practically noiseless movement on uneven and difficult terrain. An additional element increasing the comfort of use is an insert placed in the form of a sock, containing the BRATEX membrane with the parameters of waterproofing 10.000 mmH2O and vapor permeability of 10.000 g.m2 / 24h.Additionally, to ensure full functionality of the membrane, the rules of shoe maintenance should be followed. For this purpose, we recommend using the GRAFF Protector spray dedicated to the BRATEX membrane.The fabric coated with TEFLON® provides the maximum resistance to water and dirt. Thanks to its features oily stains and dirt can be easily removed.FLOAT - is a high quality buoyancy insert, used in order to improve the buoyancy parameters of the user. The unique FLOAT system consists of millions of air bubbles, pressed into soft and lightfoam. The closed structure of the foam prevents it from soaking, thanks to which one can be certain that the buoyancy properties will remain unchanged.The FLOAT insert is incredibly light, and thanks to its thickness of 1 mm, it is possible to combine many of its layers. Precisely following usage guidelines results in the properties of FLOAT remaining unchanged for a long period of time.Cotton is a fiber which surrounds plants seeds called in the same name - cotton (Gossypium), which has many uses. One of it’s uses is to manufacture a soft fabric.Perhaps not everyone knows that cotton has about 30 trade names - depending on how it is processed and used. Among these names are those which are known to everyone from the fashion catwalks: satin velvet, but also barchan, lawn, balloon, canvas, merle, calico, corduroy, and even … jeans.Why do people value cotton so much? Mainly because it is not sensitizing and it is pleasant to wear. Chronic allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin may wear it. What is more, ironing does not result in losing its properties. Do not forget, however, to remove the iron from the T-shirt, because the natural and organic structure of the cotton will very quickly cause burning marks, and even a hole in the clothes.Unfortunately, cotton does not work well as a thermo-active underwear. Its hygroscopic properties make it to accumulate water molecules like a thin sponge, so after wearing it for a longer time, shirt or shorts simply stick to the body. However, it works well in combination with synthetic fabrics. It will provide thermal insulation, keep the body warm and will not let in the cold from the outside.UV radiation - Increased protectionAs you know, ultraviolet radiation comes from the Sun. It is just one of the many electromagnetic rays emitted by the Sun. The range of ultraviolet radiation is from 400 to 100 nm and was determined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), which specified three types of UV radiation: UV A, UV B, UV C. UV A radiation is absorbed by oxygen in the atmosphere layers located at an altitude of over 96 kilometers. UV B radiation is absorbed by the stratospheric ozone layer as well as water vapor and carbon dioxide. Only UV C radiation reaches the Earth’s surface.Degradation of threads under the influence of UV radiationby absorbing energy leads to:- lowering thread strength- reducing the resistance of the thread to friction- loss of thread colors- GRAFF garments with increased resistance to solar radiation use appropriate coloring substances that behave like photocatalysts to minimize the effects of fading of the fabric or loss of it’s strength.While testing the resistance of the fabric to UV radiation, the following points were taken into consideration:- wavelength- intensity of radiation- moisture- temperature- exposure time- Anty-insectEULAN® SPA 01 anti-insect finish, which the RS-1500 fabric is covered with , has a user-safe active ingredient that repels insects and ticks, thus protects against diseases that are difficult to detect.EULAN® SPA 01 is an oxidase-based protection product used for example on military clothing. It is to prevent many tick-borne diseases, malaria or dengue. The technology is about covering the fabric fibers with a substance which has insect repellent properties.High efficiency against:- Ixodes ricinus (tick)- Aedes aegypti (Egyptian mosquito)- Anopheles maculatus (malaria mosquito)- Culex quinquefasciatus (buzzing mosquito)- Anopheles gambiae (forked mosquito)- Anopheles albopictus (Asian tiger comet)- Cimex lectularius (bedbug)- Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (house dust mites)- The agent is characterized by high resistance to washing and abrasion. It does not smell and does not irritate. It is degraded during the water treatment process in sewage treatment plants. It is not harmful to mammals. Approved by the Ökotex-Standard 100 standard.The RS-1500 anti-textile properties last up to 20 washes.DRY CARE is a modern finish that creates a waterproof outer layer which is invisible to the naked eye. It protects against soaking of clothes during rain showers and against staining caused ny for example spilling some drink.The usage of the DRY CARE layer consists in covering the surface of the fabric without changing its color or structure. The finish also has no effect on the breathability when using a breathing membrane in clothing.The effectiveness of DRY CARE is based on the process of coating the fibers of the fabric at the nanometer scale. An additional advantage is the fact that thanks to covering of the fabric with DRY CARE, it becomes more resistant to dirt and easier to clean. Most importantly, the finish itself is completely neutral, so it has no effect on health.THERMO-system is a way of choosing Graff’s clothing to the prevailing weather conditions. It is about providing users with thermal comfort through air circulation, moisture drainage to the outside and protection against cold and overheating, wind and rain.The principle ofTHERMO-system is based on the laws of physics. The rising temperature inside of the garment “displaces sweat in the form of water vapor to the outside, which allows to maintain a dry microclimate of the skin. At the same time, thanks to the appropriate selection of all layers of clothing (BRATEX® + fleece + thermo-active underwear), it provides thermal comfort.Clothing form the THERMO-system ensures cooling of the body by air circulation during the hot days. In addition, silver ions in thermo-active underwear prevent the growth of bacteria causing an unpleasant smell of sweat. The most important feature of the THERMO-system is its dynamics - the greater the temperature difference inside the garment and outside, the faster the system works, giving more moisture to the outside or “forcing the air to circulate faster.- ensuring thermal comfort through air circulation- protection against cold, overheating, wind and rain- providing a dry microclimate of the skin, by pushing the moisture to the outside- drainage of moisture to the outside- the dynamics of the system means that the greater the difference in temperature outside and inside, the faster the SYSTEM works, forcing the air to circulateSUB ZERO is an insulating layer used in winter clothing. Thanks to the structure in which the microfibers form asymmetrical cells, SUB ZERO accumulates particles of warm air, at the same time protecting against penetration of cold inside of the clothing. In developing the SUB ZERO insulating non-woven fabric we strived to provide users with maximum thermal comfort, reducing the volume and weight of clothing to the necessary minimum.Thanks to its special structure, BRATEX® belongs to the family of breathable vapor-permeable fabrics, such as GORETEX, SYMPATEX and HYDROTEX.It is a laminated fabric with a vapor permeable membrane (milky or transparent). It is characterized by high water resistance and windproofness, and at the same time letting the sweat to escape outside of the clothing the form of water vapor.Achieved parameters (up to 20,000 mm / H2O and up to 20,000 g / m2 / 24h) of water tightness and vapor permeability, BRATEX® owes to the usage of a special membrane with a microporous structure of approx. 1.4 billion pores per cm2, each of which is much smaller than a drop of water, however much larger than a water vapor molecule. The water can not penetrate the membrane, while the sweat in the form of vapor freely penetrates through the pores.BRATEX® gives us the comfort of dry skin microclimate. Sweat which is emitted during exercise, is expelled almost immediately outside, so that the skin breathes normally and we do not have an unpleasant feeling of moisture inside the clothing. That’s why clothing made from BRATEX will make you feel dry, pleasant and safe even in the harshest climatic conditions.Clothing sewn in the WATER STOP® system, thanks to the usage of a special breathable BRATEX membrane, is windproof and waterproof, and at the same time provides a dry micro-climate of the skin, thanks to the removal of sweat in the form of water vapor outside of the clothing, providing comfort for the user. DUO SKIN is a two-layered fabric enriched with silver ions, thanks to which it is bacteriostatic. Its secret is a special structure, thanks to which underwear made of DUO SKIN fabric quickly absorbs sweat and push it on the outside in the form of vapor. The inside of the fabric is emerized, which creates a “soft grip guaranteeing a pleasant sense of warmth.GRAFF offers you a special underwear, thermo-active, whose line is called GRAFF-BIOACTIV. This underwear has unique thermal insulation properties (protects the skin from overheating and from hypothermia), perfectly wicks moisture outside, dries quickly without causing unpleasant smell of sweat. GRAFF-BIOACTIV underwear is antibacterial, anti-allergic, delicate, elastic, perfectly fits the body.It owes its properties thanks to the use of a special two-layer knitted fabric made of polyamide fibers and microfibres treated in a special way. GRAFF-BIOACTIV is a unique structure of microfibers covered with silver ions. Used for the production of underwear, it gives unique properties, which our customers already discovered and we are happy to put it to your assessment.The secret of GRAFF-BIOACTIV underwear is it’s double-layer knit construction. Microfibers were used on the inside part of the fabric and they were subjected to special treatment to get a nice warm grip. On the other hand, the outer layer is made of polyamide fibers.Sweat in the form of water vapor instantly penetrates through the inner layer and is absorbed by the outer layer and its special structure ensures a quick discharge to the outside. Thanks to this, there is no unpleasant feeling of moisture, user feels dry and pleasantly warm.DUO SKIN is a two-layered fabric enriched with silver ions, thanks to which it is bacteriostatic. Its secret is a special structure, thanks to which underwear made of DUO SKIN fabric quickly absorbs sweat and push it on the outside in the form of vapor.POLARON - X is a high-quality thermo-active knitwear (the inner layer of the knitwear absorbs the sweat released during exercise and drains it outside).Thanks to the special structure of the fabric, it ensures the maintenance of a constant body temperature even at low temperaturesIn this way, it gives comfort, regardless of weather conditions. Low weight, nice warm grip, modern look makes products made out of POLARON -Xfabric popular among hunters, anglers and hiking enthusiasts.DUO SHIELD is a two-layer fabric system, the top layer is a flexible fabric which is resistant to abrasion and dirt. The lining, highly valued by our customers, is the POLARON-X 300 which keeps the heat and allows the sweat to drain away from the surface of the skin. The DRY CARE finish complements the DUO SHIELD system, which provides additional protection against moisture and various types of dirt.Thanks to a structure similar to the coarse wool, Green Hills is resembles natural fabrics such as cloth and loden. Like wool, it binds warm air inside of the clothing. It protects against wind and provides resistance to moisture. Green Hills allows to drain sweat from the inside of clothing, so that clothes made from it can become part of the clothing selection system.SOFT ARMOR fabric consists of the highest quality nylon fibers that guarantee exceptional lightness and airiness. A special rip-stop weaving method, in which at fibers of enhanced durability are regularly interlaced, makes this fabric very strong and resistant to damage.The SOFT ARMOR fabric has been well protected against UV rays. The high UPF 30+ filter significantly protects the skin underneath the clothing. In addition, the high resistance to harmful effects of ultraviolet, which is characterized by SOFT ARMOR, ensures that the colors of the fabric will remain bright even after long exposure to the sun.The structure of the fabric and the nylon fibers helps in the rapid absorption of water, which is then dispersed over the large surface of the fabric and expedites its drying. SOFT ARMOR quickly absorbs sweat and drains it away, so that the skin stays dry all the time.The special finishing of the SOFT ARMOR fabric makes it pleasant to the touch. The dyes and fibers used are carefully tested before production, which gives users a guarantee of safety.During the final treatment process, SOFT ARMOR fabric was impregnated with DRY CARE finishing, which increases its resistance to dirt and moisture.When designing the RS-1500, selecting its unique properties, we put special emphasis on its specific advantages and quality. The fabric is durable and resistant to sunlight. Functionality and a number of specific GRAFF details, in models made of RS-1500 fabric, was already a consequence of the company’s over 20-year-old history.The RS-1500 clothing line is a challenge that we have been working on for several years. The result is a summer clothing set consisting of a baseball cap, shirt, vest, trousers and jacket. The set is extremely functional, equipped with many practical solutions and, what is important, the RS-1500 fabric itself was equipped with anti-insect finish, which protects against insect bites, including ticks.In contrast, a winter clothing set consists of a functional jacket and a complementing gillet, strong trousers and hats with ear flaps. All elements of the winter set are filled with an extremely light SUB ZERO insulating layer, its microfiber structure accumulates particles of warm air, at the same time protecting against penetration of cold inside the clothing. In addition, the jacket, trousers and cap are strengthen with a breathable BRATEX membrane and DRY CARE aperture creating a invisible waterproof outer layer which prevents from water absorption during rain showers.