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Paintball In Ireland


First invented 40 years ago, paintball is a fun action-filled activity that is suitable for people of all ages. It is a competitive sport consisting of teams where players eliminate the opposing team members by shooting paintballs at them. These paintballs are gelatin capsules that are filled with dye and are shot from paintball markers. The markers are low energy weapons using compressed air or carbon dioxide that allows the ammunition to be released from the chamber when the trigger is pulled.

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The History Of Paintball

These paintball games were developed in May of 1981 in New Hampshire when Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines had a debate about who would be able to survive in the woods longer; one being from the city and the other a man able to hunt, fish and build cabins. Upon seeing an advert in a farm catalogue for a paint gun, the idea formed and the argument was settled by competing against each other.

Although a recreational sport, paintball also hosts tournaments which consists of professional teams and players. There are a variety of game types to choose from as paintball can be played both indoors as well as outdoors.

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Delta Force Paintball Centre In Ireland

Located just outside the Dublin Centre, Delta Force Paintball is a fun-filled adventure spot to visit when in Ireland. Situated among 1300 acres of land. It is the perfect place for a full day of paintball in Ireland. Bookings can be made 24/7 on the website.

A registration form is needed to be completed before any games are participated in, as well as a consent form for players under the age of 16. They have a lunch option of pizza offered at an added cost of €5.99 per person, this can be arranged on the day or when the booking is made. They also have an on-site shop available.


Why Choose Delta Force?

Delta Force offers a variety of custom-designed games for any and every occasion. Their all-inclusive packages on offer can fit any special event from kids’ birthday parties to corporate functions. Adults (18+) are priced from €14.99 per person and Kids (14-17) are priced at €19.99 per person.

All-inclusive packages are made up of 12-14 games which have a variety of different movie set games and equipment for hire. You get full protective gear which consists of protective armour, a full neck protection combat suit with a high padded collar and the latest semi-automatic machine gun. However, paintballs are not included in the game fee but can be purchased during the day at an on-site shop.

Mobile Paintball

Delta Force also has a mobile paintball option which allows for the game to be brought to you. They can come to your premises provided that there is enough land space and set up any games of your choice. They also supply marshals as well as equipment to ensure the event is a success.

Delta Force holds a world-class safety record and has the best paintball prices. They are rated at 5 stars, and have well- known celebrities use their facilities. They provide a safe friendly environment while creating movie-set-inspired games and also create realistic scenarios that have individuals making memories while enjoying a full day out with friends and family.


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A Paintball helmet is part of the main protective gear that players must wear during matches. There are also other rules that ensure that the fun is safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paintball

Paintball was invented in May 1981 in New Hampshire by a stockbroker named Hayes Noel, and Charles Gaines who was an outdoors person and a writer.


Yes paintballs do wash out, these paintball capsules are water-soluble, they are also non-toxic and will wash out of your clothing with ease at a normal wash cycle.

Paintball originated from a debate between Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines when they argued whether a man from the city or a man who has developed a skill set to hunt, fish and build a cabin had the instinct to survive in the woods.