Paintball Games

The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush With Paintball Games

Are you in search of heart-pounding, adrenaline-packed action for you and your friends? Paintballing is just the kind of thrill to get your weekend off to a great adventure. Paintball games are exciting, fast-paced and provide the ultimate fun experience for adrenaline junkies. Ideal for a great day out, you can experience paintball in numerous modes. You can pick paintball war games that simulate military combat.

Dodge paintballs as you gun down the enemy camp in a replicated skirmish battlefield. The teams are given specific objectives which they must meet to beat the competing team. It could be two teams fighting to take over a zone. The first team that acquires the base wins the game. Teams are fully kitted up in protective gear before the games begin and are briefed on all security measures. Paintball games are a sure way to get in a good workout while having fun. What's more, there is a lot to be learned from paintballing. Given its a team sport, you learn communication, teamwork, delegation, trust, strategy and competition, all of which are valuable life principles.

Riveting And Thrilling Paintball Games Ideas

Take your paintballing experience to the next level by replicating different battlefield scenarios. Up the ante by having teams imitate a bank heist. A player is chosen to be the attacker who has to break into the safe, grab the haul and ensure it gets to base. The other players will be working on trying to defend the safe.

Alternatively, enjoy the most common paintballing game where the primary objective is to capture your opponent’s flag. Defend your base and splatter your enemy as you fight it out to steal your opponent’s flags from their base and return them to your base. The team with the most flags emerges the winner. If you are going for a hair-raising experience, you can indulge in a paintball game variation that replicates a war zone where a nuke has been set with a timer and players have to rush to beat the clock before it goes off.

Gear Up For Paintball

Paintballing is a sport, and as with other sports, protective gear is essential to ensure player safety. Paintball games involve many manoeuvres like sliding, rolling on the ground and jumping as you try to make your way through the battlefield without getting shot. Having the right gear could prevent you from minor injuries and bruises from all the action. Before any games begin, players must be fully kitted out in safety gear that includes protective headgear, clothing, goggles, and proper shoes with a firm grip. Your headgear is probably the most crucial piece of protective gear before you go out into the battlefield. It protects your eyes, mouth, ears and nose. The ideal mask is padded to ensure player comfort throughout the game. They have visors that protect the eyes. Some players also prefer getting neck guards to protect their necks from the impact of paintballs. The skin around the neck is softer and bruises easily when a paintball hits. The clothing is also padded to protect the player from scrapes. The guns provided are safe to use, and there are marshalls to ensure that players shoot at a safe distance. The minimum shooting distance in most paintball agencies is 30ft.

What To Carry

Just like you cannot carry your alcohol to the pub, you cannot bring your paintball gun or paintballs to a paintball zone. Most centres do this for health and safety purposes. It is also vital that the paintball centres maintain a consistent safety standard for all their players. Most paintball game centres offer protective gear like gloves, headgear and goggles. However, you are required to bring proper boots with ankle support and have deep tread to prevent you from any leg injury. It is also recommended to carry an extra pair of clothes to change into after the game. You may also need to have some cash with you if you run out of paintballs mid-game.

Paintball games are a great team sport and also make a great family sport. The minimum age to play paintball in Ireland is 14 years old. However, most agencies require a signed parental consent form for players below the age of 18. Corporates can benefit from paintballing to foster communication, motivate employees and overall promote self-confidence. It is an excellent sport for weight loss and overall health. The extreme exercise goes a long way in boosting metabolism and improving sleep cycles.