Graff Fishing Trousers 707-cl-10 With Upf 50 Sun Protection Beige 2XL / Short Man

Graff Fishing Trousers 707-cl-10 With Upf 50 Sun Protection Beige 2XL / Short Man
Brand: Graff
Color: Beige
Size: 2XL
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This specific fabric provides you protection during heat season. UV radiation might be very dangerous for active people, anglers and everybody, who spend time outside. Thank’s to this fabric you will be properly protected against sun and UV reys during summer.UV protection: UV radiation occurs throughout the whole year and carries both positive and negative effects on our body. Being in the sun improves general well-being, has anti-depressant effects. Solar radiation affects the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), and is also responsible for the production of vitamin D3 by the body. However, as you know, everything is good in measure. Spending time in the sun for a long time can lead to sunburn, erythema, skin peeling.For angler who spends a lot of time in the sun, GRAFF Climate clothing will be a perfect protection. The entire GRAFF Climate collection has UPF 50 solar protection.This means that if 50 units of UV sun rays are directed to clothing with UPF 50, only one unit of rays will pass through this clothing and reach the skin, i.e. it blocks 98% of UV rays.UPF 50 GRAFF Climate clothing that protects against solar radiation blocks both UVB and UVA rays, while the UV filters contained in creams (those whose level indicates SPF) protect us only against UVB radiation.Advantages of the Soft Armour fabric:- Light- Quick drying- Durable- Resistant to dirt- Resistant to discoloration- Protects against UV radiationFeatures:- highest class of nylon fibers- it is a rip-stop weave in which fibers of increased strength are placed.Specifications:- PARAMETER: VALUE- Grammage: 120 mgs- Material composition: 100% NylonTechnology:TEFLON®:- The fabric coated with TEFLON® provides the maximum resistance to water and dirt. Thanks to its features oily stains and dirt can be easily removed.FLOAT:- FLOAT - is a high quality buoyancy insert, used in order to improve the buoyancy parameters of the user. The unique FLOAT system consists of millions of air bubbles, pressed into soft and lightfoam. The closed structure of the foam prevents it from soaking, thanks to which one can be certain that the buoyancy properties will remain unchanged.- The FLOAT insert is incredibly light, and thanks to its thickness of 1 mm, it is possible to combine many of its layers. Precisely following usage guidelines results in the properties of FLOAT remaining unchanged for a long period of time.UV PROOF:- UV PROOF is made in order to increase resistance to solar radiation use appropriate coloring substances that behave like photocatalysts to minimize the effects of fading of the fabric or loss of it’s strength.INSECT PROOF:- EULAN® SPA 01 anti-insect finish, which the RS-1500 fabric is covered with , has a user-safe active ingredient that repels insects and ticks, thus protects against diseases that are difficult to detect.- EULAN® SPA 01 is an oxidase-based protection product used for example on military clothing. It is to prevent many tick-borne diseases, malaria or dengue. The technology is about covering the fabric fibers with a substance which has insect repellent properties.DRY CARE:- DRY CARE is a modern finish that creates a waterproof outer layer which is invisible to the naked eye. It protects against soaking of clothes during rain showers and against staining caused ny for example spilling some drink.- The usage of the DRY CARE layer consists in covering the surface of the fabric without changing its color or structure. The finish also has no effect on the breathability when using a breathing membrane in clothing.- The effectiveness of DRY CARE is based on the process of coating the fibers of the fabric at the nanometer scale. An additional advantage is the fact that thanks to covering of the fabric with DRY CARE, it becomes more resistant to dirt and easier to clean. Most importantly, the finish itself is completely neutral, so it has no effect on health.THERMO-system:- THERMO-system is a way of choosing Graff’s clothing to the prevailing weather conditions. It is about providing users with thermal comfort through air circulation, moisture drainage to the outside and protection against cold and overheating, wind and rain.- The principle of THERMO-system is based on the laws of physics. The rising temperature inside of the garment “displaces sweat in the form of water vapor to the outside, which allows to maintain a dry microclimate of the skin. At the same time, thanks to the appropriate selection of all layers of clothing (BRATEX® + fleece + thermo-active underwear), it provides thermal comfort.- Clothing form the THERMO-system ensures cooling of the body by air circulation during the hot days. In addition, silver ions in thermo-active underwear prevent the growth of bacteria causing an unpleasant smell of sweat. The most important feature of the THERMO-system is its dynamics - the greater the temperature difference inside the garment and outside, the faster the system works, giving more moisture to the outside or “forcing the air to circulate faster.- Ensuring thermal comfort through air circulation- Protection against cold, overheating, wind and rain- Providing a dry microclimate of the skin, by pushing the moisture to the outside- Drainage of moisture to the outside- The dynamics of the system means that the greater the difference in temperature outside and inside, the faster the SYSTEM works, forcing the air to circulate