Paintball Competitions

Paintball Competitions - Professional Leagues and Tournaments

Paintball is a thrilling sport that has gained popularity in recent years. There's nothing that beats the heart-pounding experience of dodging a paintball before it splatters all over you. Paintball is an excellent recreational activity and has also evolved professionally into a competitive sport.

There are now professional leagues and semi-pro leagues with professional players competing at the national and international level. The National Xball League is one of the biggest and prestigious paintball tournaments in the world. It is the equivalent of the World Cup event in the world of soccer. The Paintball World Championship run by the United Paintball Federation is another major paintball competition that attracts professional paintball teams worldwide. Paintball competitions in Ireland include the Irish Woodsball league - the premier woodball league where teams from all over England compete in a 7-man format with four rounds per season. The Central Premier Paintball Series (CPPS), the UK's leading paintball tournament is another series gaining popularity at the division level.

How To Play Professional Paintball

So how is paintball played at a professional level? Does it differ from how it is played as a recreation sport? When played as a competitive sport, the objectives and rules may vary, but the basic rule remains that the same-two teams fight to accomplish a goal by eliminating each other by tagging the other with paintballs.

However, in a competitive setting, things are more structured. Players are assigned positions each playing a strategic role. Each of these positions requires different skill sets. The frontmen are the first line of defence to lead the assault. Their role is to take aggressive steps to capture and tag the enemies. The mid-players relay info from the front to the back. They are multi-skilled as they are called in to replace players that have been eliminated. The Backmen offer support by providing cover to the frontmen when they are changing tactical positions. They do not change their position.

Get Information- Paintball Formats

Paintball has seen the rise of popular variants including Woodsball which is set in a natural environment-typically in the woods. It can be a jungle or a forest where players experience natural terrain and weather to outwit each other. Woodsball is played over a large area. Woodsball can involve any range of players with a variety of bunk types. Given the vast playing terrain and number of players, this variant could last for an extended period. Conversely, Speedball is played over a smaller field filled with inflatable bunkers. Because of the smaller playing field and fewer obstacles, the gameplay is much shorter than woodsball. It is more fast-paced since players can see each other from one end of the field to the other.

Speedball is also the only format of paintball that you will find in major professional leagues. Another exciting and adrenaline-packed paintball format is Scenario Paintball, which adds a specific fictional story or historical theme. Themes could vary from recreating historic battlefields, popular movies, or even holiday themes. This variant is designed to involve hundreds of players with extended hours of play. Gameplay could be anywhere from 6-48 hours. Stock Class Paintball varies slightly from the other variations mentioned above.

In Stock Class Paintball, players are more focused on paintball's fundamentals like strategy, movement, teamwork and aiming rather than firing to win. In this variant, the paintball markers are more restrictive. They must be cocked back after each shot. In all these variants, you are guaranteed adrenaline-pumping action and pure unadulterated fun.

How To Become A Pro

If you are working towards going pro, you need to upscale your skills. Professional paintball players are highly skilled higher than you can find at the local course or recreational games. Practice paintball at every opportunity you get. You could join a local paintball league and ensure that you attend practice regularly. It is also essential to know the course. Since most professional leagues play Speedball, learn how to scope the hiding spots and look out for the vantage points to observe your opponents. 

Speedball is a fast-paced game and requires you to train your endurance skills. This can be done by training in sprinting or long-distance running. Work on your hands’ skill by lifting hand weights to improve the speed of reloading the paintball marker. Lastly, practice your aim. Paintball involves firing at moving targets. The practise sessions are a great way to put in some target practice. Practice makes perfect. The more you work towards improving your skills, the closer you get to becoming a pro.

Paintball has exploded into a multi-billion industry attracting major corporate sponsors in the numerous paintball competitions. These developments have sent he rise of professional players who earn their living off professional paintball. Paintball in Ireland is proliferating, and major leagues and tournaments are springing up all over Ireland. Pick up some professional paintball magazines to learn where the next action is happening. There are numerous paintballing sites online that keep players informed on all things paintball in the country.