A Beginner’s Guide To A Mobile Paintball Party In Dublin

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by Shamus/ on 25 Apr 2021

A Beginner’s Guide To A Mobile Paintball Party In Dublin

Did you know you could have a mind-blowing paintball party at any venue of your choice here in Dublin? If you wish to play mobile paintball Dublin has a few great companies that can set up on short notice, wherever you have space. This guide will provide you with detailed insight into how you can achieve this.

A Fun Way To Play Paintball

The first step in organizing a mobile party is to ensure that you have enough space for a mobile paintball party. The ideal space for a fast-paced game is 40′ by 80′. Once a suitable space is identified, reach out to a reputable paintball company in Dublin. We have a few recommended picks listed below. Inform the company of your preferred location, theme and gear. You cannot underestimate the role of Marshalls in a heated game, so you will do well to hire some.

The basic gear you will receive includes safety and performance tested paintball guns, face masks to protect the face and ears, pod packs and air tanks. Most paintball companies prevent mobile paintball players from carrying their guns and pellets to the arena. It is therefore important to check that you receive high-quality gear.

Our top choice of popular paintball companies in Dublin that can help provide all you need for the mobile paintball party of your dreams is Delta Force. Currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Delta Force provides the ultimate paintball experience on-site or at any location of your choice. The price for a game at its Hollywood-inspired centres starts at €15 for adults and €20 for kids. Other excellent choices include Bedlam Indoor Paintball and Capital Paintball.