Dublin Paintball | The Best Places To Play At

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by Shamus/ on 31 Jan 2021

Dublin Paintball | The Best Places To Play At

Dublin has excellent places where you can enjoy a thrilling game of paintball together with your friends, colleagues, or family. The good thing is, most of these spots are located close to the city centre and can be easily accessed via bus, train or car. Some of the top Dublin paintball centres have different game zones based on Hollywood movies or best selling games.

The next time you think of pumping some adrenaline with a game of paintball, here’s where you can go. These places will give you maximum fun and guarantee your safety.

Delta Force Paintball Center

Delta Force paintball centre is an excellent first choice, seeing that it’s located only half an hour drive from the city. The centre has more than eight gaming zones, including Black Hawk Down, Zombie’s Crypt, London Apocalypse, Counter-Strike, Sheriff’s Castle and Berlin Wall.

Delta Force is also one of the few Dublin paintball centres that have zones for adults and kids. Kids have their own simple yet fun zones that are safe to play and always have a standby supervisor. During breaks, the centre offers food and refreshments to build your energy and get you back into action.

BaseCamp Action Adventure Park – A Dublin Paintball Destination

BaseCamp Action Adventure Park is set in a 25-acre natural woodland and has various combat zone missions. Some of the missions include Lockdown, D-Day, and Black Hawk Down which provide an exhilarating day out for stag parties, birthdays, and corporate events. The centre has three packages you can go for;

Commando Pack – €25 pp, 200 paintballs and 3 hrs action.
Winter Special Deal – €39 pp, 500 paintballs & 3hrs action.
Play & Stay Package – €50 pp, Commando pack & 1 night accommodation.  

The Mill

You might be in the mood for a game of paintball, but the weather isn’t perfect. In this case, the Mill paintball centre is the ideal choice since it has an indoor gaming arena. You can play different simulations, such as High-Velocity Paintball, Flashpoint, and Airsoft. The Mill is only a few minutes away from the iconic Guinness Storehouse and is located in a double-story building. All you need is a platoon of 4 members.

What all these spots have in common is that your safety is their number one priority. They will provide you with the right gear and equipment to keep you safe and also entertained. Their booking process is also online, so that makes it easy. All you need to do is check out their site, book a date, show up and have some fun!