New Men Waffenrock Preußen Garde Schützen-Batl Jacket

New Men Waffenrock Preußen Garde Schützen-Batl Jacket
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Color: Black
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Eigentumsstck (private purchase) Waffenrock from Preuen Garde-Schtzen-Batl. (Berlin) Garde-Korps. The Garde-Schtzen-Batl. was distinctive, as it was one of only two units in the German Confederation that carried French cuffs (the other was Garde-Maschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr.2.). The Waffenrock is a dark-green doe-skin wool with black collar & French cuffs piped in red. As is typical for Schtzen, the Waffenrock has red piping down the front pane, rear skirt & around the collar & cuffs. The Garde-Schtzen-Batl. was only a battalion in size, which combined with the almost complete devastation of Berlin in WWII, make any clothing items from the Garde-Schtzen-Batl quite rare. Material Choice : Wool Size: All Available, Custom Made also Available Package includes: Jacket only, no epaulets (available at extra cost) Occasions: for Halloween, Christmas, Festival, Carnival, Ball Gown, Drama, School Performance, Masquerade, Birthday Party, Show Role-play/Dress Up & Party, etc. fully lined This item is made to order & will take approx. 2-3 weeks note - this item is made to order not from shelf shoulder are not included in the price. choose your size in drop down menu you can order fully customized jacket as well New Men Waffenrock Preuen Garde Schtzen-Batl Jacket