Gt Line Explorer 7630 Pcp Briefcase Black

Gt Line Explorer 7630 Pcp Briefcase Black
Brand: Gt Line
Color: Black
Size: One Size
439.99 GBP 528.26 GBP
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Features:- Shockproof- Waterproof - IP67 certified - Waterproof up to 10m- Dust and sand proof- Corrosive product proof- Crush proof- Waterproof - IP67 certified - Watertight up to 10m- Dust and sand proof - Corrosive product proof - Pressure change proof- Temperature tolerance: -33°C / +90°C- High-density plastic resin material (enriched polypropylene)- Stackable, even with models of different sizes- Available in several colors- Designed for military applications- Several places to put padlocks for maximum security- Valve to adjust the internal pressure in case of sudden changes in height or temperature- Neoprene gaskets for total sealing- Large and secure strong pressure closures- Brackets to keep the case upright while the lid is open- Corrosion-proof reinforced metal hinges- Robust and ergonomic handle- Name and address label- Orange and military green colors available on request.- Interior available with several layers of micro-perforated foam for easy adaptation of any object or void.- Includes wheels, telescopic handle (trolley) and two side handles for easy transport.Specifications:- Inner material: Empty- Inside dimensions (mm): (A) 765 x (B) 485 x (C) 305 x (D) 60 x (E) 245 - Dimensions (mm): 860x560x330