Aliens Weyland Yutani Tactical T Shirt

Aliens Weyland Yutani Tactical T Shirt
Brand: Etsy - DigitalPharaohUK
Color: White
Size: S
16.99 GBP
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This Aliens Weyland Yutani logo t shirt is ideal for any budding member of a UScm dropship crew looking to relax in style & comfort between bug hunts & express elevators to hell! Printed in a classic military green, & featuring a muted matt black logo - you can be sure that you won’t stand out too much to anything with a conventional image spectrum for sight…. This design is printed onto a 100% brushed cotton, 180 gsm thick, VEGAN friendly & PETA approved fabric! This means that less harsh chemicals are used in the creation & of this item, making it feel awesome to wear, whilst providing a great surface to print on. This combined with the fact that it is helping to prevent nasty chemicals going back into the planet during manufacture, means that we can all be a little happier wearing them! Aliens Weyland Yutani Tactical T Shirt