Recreational Vs. Competitive Paintball

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by Shamus/ on 04 Jul 2022

Recreational Vs. Competitive Paintball

Paintball is an adrenaline-filled game that has become increasingly popular over the past decade. where you get to choose if you want to play in a team, or individually. While many may think that paintball is just simply paintball and that’s all there is to it. But that definitely isn’t the case.

Paintball can be played for fun, as a hobby or even as a sport. Let’s get into more detail about what the difference between recreational and competitive paintball is.

Recreational Paintball: What is it?

Recreational paintball consists of various different types of short games that are played for fun. The game will either have a time frame of 15 minutes or will end once the objective of the game is complete, such as Capture the Flag. Recreational paintball is a favourite when it comes to companies planning team-building exercises.

Recreational paintball can be found just about anywhere. It is exceptionally popular throughout Turkey. If you’re ever planning on looking at Turkey hair transplant cost and are happy with the prices, then you should definitely plan time around it so that you take a day to play a game of recreational paintball.

Competitive Paintball: What is it?

Due to the sport’s exciting nature, paintball has gained in popularity rapidly in many countries, and has therefore created many professional competitions. When it comes to competitive paintball, it is a lot more structured and organised.

There is a strategic purpose to each player’s position, which requires different skill sets. It depends on what scenario you are playing, but there are three basic categories that you can break down into when playing competitive paintball, namely fronts, mids and backs. Let’s go into what each of these are and what they do.

Fronts in Competitive Paintball

The fronts, sometimes also known as frontmen, are the players who will be on the front line. Fronts (or frontmen) are players assigned to compete at the front line. Their tactics involve leading the assault, making the most aggressive moves to capture, and finishing off the enemies. Due to their close proximity to the action, the frontmen must run and react quickly.

Mids in Competitive Paintball

Multi-skilled and versatile midfielders are key to success. The mids often need to replace other players if they get eliminated, such as a frontman getting hit. The mids need to be extremely fit as they are continuously moving from one point of the competitive paintball field to the other. Another job of the mids is that they relay orders from the backs to the fronts.

Backs in Competitive Paintball

The backs, sometimes also known as the backmen, will usually stay in one position throughout the whole game. They are often the team’s defence mechanism. For this reason, the backs in competitive paintball can have up to 2,000 paintballs. Backs are also responsible for communicating with the front players on when they can move.

Benefits of Playing Any Form of Paintball

Although one doesn’t need a reason for playing paintball, if you’re searching for one then the reason is that paintball can have many health benefits.

First and foremost, playing either recreational or competitive paintball will help add something interesting to your routine. If you’re looking for a full-body workout without having to go to the gym, then paintball is the game for you! It assists with increasing your strength and endurance. You will also notice a boost in your self-confidence.

Playing competitive paintball is also a way to relieve stress that you’ve picked up from a long week. Being outdoors has proved to be healthy for our mental health. And last, but certainly not least, paintball is fun! Go and enjoy yourself.