Airsoft Paintball: Two Great Sports

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by Shamus/ on 11 Jan 2022

Airsoft Paintball: Two Great Sports

Recently, there have been tons of questions by our readers about which is a better sport; airsoft or paintball. We will guide you through the rudiments of these sports, their advantages and disadvantages, and the various airsoft and paintball competitions in Ireland in our bare-it-all guide.

Distinguishing Airsoft And Paintball

Airsoft is a sport that aims at creating a more realistic combat-simulation experience for its players. Players use lifelike firearms, often accompanied by military kits, and shoot plastic pellets. Paintball, on the other hand, is the more popular sport. Participants in a paintball game shoot small balls of paint on opponents.

Other distinctive features of these two games are the way players mark scores, the sophistication of the gear used, and the affordability. Unlike paintball, in which balls are clear indicators that players were shot, airsoft deploys the honour system that relies on the players to acknowledge being shot. The absence of balls that stain the player makes Airsoft a less dirty sport than paintball, with less expensive pellets but more sophisticated gear.

Where To Play Airsoft Paintball

There are many places to play Airsoft or Paintball or Airsoft paintball variations in Ireland. Among the most popular destinations are the combat-ready forests of Roundwood, or at Gibson Meath. SimTac, Red Hills and Red Barn are popular Airsoft organisers. Paintball has more popular venues and competitions across Ireland. Notable centres are the Special Ops site at Wicklow, Paintball Kerry Predator and Kilkenny Activity Centre.